How Can I Make My House Exterior Look Modern

How Can I Make My House Exterior Look Modern

Are you looking to update your home’s outdated or lackluster exterior? Making your house exterior look sleek and modern is an involved but rewarding project that can completely transform the curb appeal and value of your property. 

Follow these 10 tips to give your home’s facade and outdoor spaces a fashionable contemporary style that will have the neighbors talking.

Evaluate the Existing Architecture and Layout  

First, analyze the current architecture of your home to identify elements that can be modernized versus components that need replacement for a contemporary look. The roofline, entryway layout, window style and placement, exterior cladding, accent details, and porch or patio areas offer potential for restyled modern flair. Document areas needing significant structural changes to plan updates like straightening irregular rooflines or replacing overhanging eaves with clean lines.

Simplify the Color Palette

A simplified, minimal color scheme plays a pivotal role in cultivating a modern aesthetic. Stick to a neutral base color like white, black, or gray for the primary siding, then accent with brighter pops only in select areas. For example, painting window trim gunmetal gray offers stylish contrast against neutral gray stone siding. Limit accent colors to one or two bold hues for the front door, outdoor furnishings, or landscaping planters to prevent chaotic rainbow facades.

Update Windows and Doors  

Windows and doors quickly date a home’s exterior. Swap dated arched entryways for straight-lined rectangular openings and doors with full glass inserts for a light, airy look. Trade small, divided window panes for expansive picture windows or grouped casement windows to enhance clean sightlines. Consider black or gray window frames rather than standard white for contemporary personality. Upgrading to triple-pane windows also boosts energy efficiency.

Incorporate Modern Materials  

Replace weathered or outdated exterior cladding with on-trend contemporary siding materials. Options like fiber cement board, natural wood composite planks, metal panels, and stacked stone veneers give homes a sleek, sculptural look. If your budget allows, invest in solid masonry, brick, or stucco for low-maintenance longevity. No matter the material, eliminating surface ornamentation ensures visual simplicity. 

Update Exterior Lighting

Well-designed lighting transforms houses after dark while complementing daytime aesthetics. Swap generic porch and entry lights for streamlined sconces, path lighting and slim cut-away fixtures without visible bulbs. For drama, backlight trees and architectural features with concealed ground spotlights. Smart technology allows custom lighting programs for added wow factor. LED bulbs reduce energy use for an eco-friendly finish.

Accent with Metallics and Glass

Strategically placed metal and glass accents, like privacy screens, railings, overhangs and partitions inject modern flair. Frame entryways and large picture windows with sleek steel supports and trim. Embrace glass balcony railings or room dividers to blur barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. Develop visual drama and dimension with a corten steel screen wall along blank facades. Keep metal finishes consistent to retain cohesion.

Incorporate Contemporary Landscaping

The surrounding landscape either enhances or fights your home’s contemporary new look, so ensure planting beds, materials and greenery align with the modern motif. Focus on simple combinations of texture, color and height for bold curb appeal without chaos. Framing the entryway and walkways with linear evergreen hedges or specimen trees establishes tidy sightlines. Concrete planter boxes, pea gravel beds and rectangular pavers compliment facades better than freestyle curves and ornate mulch depths.

Add or Eliminate Architectural Layers

Most contemporary homes feature boxy, geometric exterior lines free from decorative distraction. Detached elements like columns, shutters, balustrades and entry arbors clutter up clean architecture. Eliminate non-structural accessories for unadulterated planes. However, large expanses of blank walls call for layered dimensionality. Introduce exterior cladding “picture frames” around entryways, build out extended patio covers, or attach rectilinear steel sunshade structures over windows to incorporate depth through overlapping.

Upgrade Outdoor Living Areas

Just like interior rooms, exterior living areas require a curated blend of furnishings and features for both form and function. Define gathering nooks with modern sectionals, benches and chairs sporting smooth sleek lines. Select weather-resistant couches and lounge chairs in neutral tones then layer with punchy throw pillows and toss blankets. Paint wooden patio furniture white or black rather than natural wood hues for contemporary appeal. Ensure lighting, surround sound, heating, grilling and dining components all flow visually for multifunctional use.  

Incorporate Water Features

The tranquil sound and visual relief of water invariably heightens outdoor relaxation while upping modern ambiance. Fortunately, water features suit contemporary designs with their geometric forms over organic shape. Opt for rectangular pools, hot tubs, and water features complemented by straight-lined decking over undulating ponds. Strategically place small fountains and fire bowl water elements to make smaller yards feel expansive. Integrate necessary elements like drainage ditches into the landscape plan to eliminate eyesores.

By following these 10 tips for updating entryways, windows, siding, architectural details, lighting, metal accents, landscaping, outdoor rooms and water features, you can cultivate a fashionable modern exterior to match recent interior renovations. Don’t be afraid to blend materials like wood, concrete, stone and steel to develop captivating contrast. Work with qualified architects and contractors to execute a cohesive plan aligned with your home’s existing structure and layout. The intricate details covered above make the difference between dated facades and envy-inducing contemporary curb appeal and functionality.

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