Thermo Oak Venizio

Thermo Oak Venizio

Thermo Oak Venizio, a distinguished offering from BB Floors India, seamlessly combines sophistication and functionality through its very slim wood planks. Meticulously crafted and subjected to an advanced thermo-treatment process, these slender planks exude timeless elegance while ensuring enhanced longevity and stability.

The high-temperature thermo-treatment method imparts a unique character, reinforcing the wood’s resilience against decay and accentuating its color palette and grain patterns. BB Floors India’s commitment to creating exceptional products shines through in the Venizio planks’ blend of aesthetics and performance.

Showcasing subtle grain and color variations, the Oak Venizio Planks boast a refined white finish with delicate sable hues. The matte lacquer finish not only eliminates glare but also protects against daily wear, highlighting the planks’ refined design and practical applications.

The slim profile of these planks is a defining feature, adding a layer of sophistication to interior spaces. Their slender form introduces a modern and sleek element, enhancing versatility and seamless integration into tight spaces. The slimness offers design flexibility beyond traditional wood plank applications.

Sustainable practices are at the forefront of BB Floors India’s philosophy, and Thermo Oak Venizio exemplifies this commitment. The thermo-treatment process enhances the wood’s intrinsic quality while aligning with eco-conscious goals, allowing you to make a conscientious choice for responsible and environmentally friendly living.

Elevate your interior spaces with the enduring charm of Thermo Oak Venizio’s very slim planks, where each slender plank narrates a story of craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainable living.

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