Thermo Ayous Grappa

Thermo Ayous Grappa

Thermo Ayous Grappa Solid Panels, a premium addition to BB Floors India’s wood panel collection, seamlessly blend sophistication and functionality in a robust, solid profile. Crafted with precision through an advanced thermo-treatment process, these solid panels embody a contemporary aesthetic, ensuring enduring elegance and enhanced stability.

The Ayous wood modification process involves drying, heating, and cooling the timber in a controlled environment, triggering chemical changes in the cell structure. This alters the wood’s appearance and increases its durability, performing comparably to cedar outdoors. The heat treatment provides additional dimensional stability, limiting shrinking, swelling, and warping due to moisture changes. The process also enhances the wood’s resistance to microorganisms and insects, making it suitable for outdoor and exposed applications.

Thermo Ayous Grappa Solid Panels showcase uniform grain and color, boasting a natural finish that preserves solid wood’s authentic look and feel. The thermo-treated surface enhances stability, ensuring durability while maintaining a refined appearance. BB Floors India’s commitment to blending aesthetics with performance is evident in the elevated color palette and grain patterns.

Designed for diverse applications, including wall panels, decking, door fronts, and ceilings, Thermo Ayous Grappa Solid Panels infuse interior and exterior spaces with modern charm and the natural richness of Ayous wood. These solid panels seamlessly integrate into contemporary design schemes, embodying a sophisticated aesthetic that harmonizes beauty and functionality.

BB Floors India’s commitment to sustainability is inherent in Thermo Ayous Grappa Solid Panels. The thermo-treatment process enhances the wood’s inherent quality, aligning seamlessly with eco-conscious goals. Opting for Grappa signifies choosing solid panels that elevate aesthetics and reflect a conscious decision to live responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Thermo Ayous Grappa Solid Panels exemplify BB Floors India’s dedication to delivering products that harmoniously balance aesthetics, durability, and environmental responsibility. Transform your interior and exterior spaces with the exceptional allure of these solid panels, where each piece narrates a tale of modern craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainable living.


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