Timberclad Barcode – Light Walnut

Timberclad Barcode – Light Walnut

Barcode WPC panels infuse interior and exterior spaces with visual intrigue and contemporary flair. Their sleek, modern appearance elevates the aesthetic of both building facades and interior walls.

The barcode design incorporates alternating stripes of varying widths, reminiscent of traditional barcodes. This unique pattern imbues the cladding with character and depth, transforming it into a striking focal point or decorative feature.

Renowned for its durability and weather resistance, BB Floors India’s WPC cladding utilizes premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. This ensures enduring performance with minimal upkeep.

Composed of wood fibers and recycled plastic, BB Floors India’s WPC cladding presents an eco-friendly option for sustainable construction. The barcode design further amplifies its appeal as a modern, environmentally conscious building material.

The barcode’s crisp lines and geometric patterns, combined with the warmth and richness of walnut tones, create a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic suitable for diverse architectural styles.

Light Walnut finishing offers design versatility, allowing the cladding to blend seamlessly with various aesthetics. Its neutral yet refined appearance adapts well to different design preferences, making it suitable for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces alike.

The fusion of barcode design and Light Walnut finishing results in a timeless look that transcends fleeting trends. This durable, long-lasting option promises to enhance building aesthetics for years, providing an enduring elegance that remains perpetually in vogue.

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